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Posted on: August 9, 2008 10:35 am
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AS of today ,i still live in my hometown,thats not to say i havent strayed for many a years,i left her when i was 17yrs young,i just knew there would be bigger and better things out there for me.albeit i found those things they werent what they were cracked up to be,,oh i would come back on occassion to visit her and check the ageing process,and yes she was growing up just as i was,but off i would go,like a one night stand id leave her once again.time after time i would visit her to get my fix,an id be gone again.well after a passing in the family ,i came back once again only to find my hometown had grown up without me,no longer was i that kid that used to pile up leaves only to jump in them and rake once again,or burn and enjoy the longer could i ride my bicycle all over her streets without fear of being run over,no longer could i leave my doors unlocked and sleep with the fresh breeze through the window,nor could i hear the screen door slamming shut.and i also found out i couldnt just  stroll into anyones yard to drink from their garden hose when thrist got the best of i was catching lightning bugs with my son the other night right at dusk,i could see she had changed immensley ,as i have son asked me what i was thinking at the time, halfheartedly i just told him it was good to be home,he agreed .but ive still got my see my hometown has far outgrown me, in reality she was the one that left me behind....  
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thanks for dropping in...

yes i do beleive fear is a big part of my feelings also...change isnt always a good thing,,albeit for the better on the most ive never been to manhatten,,,(love the kountry to much).i did see niagra falls,,,even rode maid of the mist..(i beleive ut was)..ive beeen to several major cites all over these states,,but home is home,,ive no preferance to live where they tell distance in minutes, instead of miles,,,,and now i find myself wanting to move futher out in the boon-docks....

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 1:32 pm


It's nice to see sadurtimes speak so nicely of Manhatten.  I was born in the midwest (Iowa) and grew up there.  I of course shared many of the same memories that others have shared.  The carefree days and nights.  I think that when one gets older we become more afraid of things.  When we are younger we don't have enough sense to be afraid.  To some extent that is why we view our hometown of changing. 

My original point I wan't to make was that even though I grew up in that ideal little town in the midwest, I have visited Manhatten on several occasions.  The first time I visited I went in with the usual small town ideas of what the "big" city would be like.  Having heard on the news about all the bad things that happen there.  I was preached to about not "not acting like a tourist or small town yokel".  This from my brother who grew up in the same small town but felt he had been in Manhatten enough that he was thought he was much more sophisticated.  What I found on my first visit was so amazing.  It wasn't as dirty or mean as everyone had told me.  I felt that way after many more visits.  I however can not say I liked the cities of N.J.

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well put SADUR, hope all went well with yours on that horrible day --9/11

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When I try and think back to my Old Home Town I must pause. Growing up in state custody you never really have a "home town" but one of the many good things to come from that is that when you are an adult you can just pick one. I was born on the Island, Smithtown,Ny to be exact. I have always and will always call Manhattan home though. I had my first apartment there, my first kiss and my first fight. I had my first job there. I wrote my first song there and sold my first poem there. It is my home. I have lived in most of the country at one point or another and enjoyed most of the places I "visited". Save Florida. I feel more alive when I am home. My blood flows stronger and my mind is clearer. It is however, not the same OLD TOWN. That sunny morning in September changed it. The City I knew is not the same, the people are not the same and the sky line is forever changed. It is however to me home and the greatest place on the spinning marble we call earth.

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Posted on: August 10, 2008 9:55 am


DAWNnice of you to drop in--i too can relate to the veggies,,every sunday we'd ll go to grannys,,,and the whippings,,,seems sadistic to most [activist ]these days ,,but i always minded my manners..yes mamm

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Nothings really the same in my home town also. When I go home to visit my mamma and daddy, it's always a joy to see them, but eveything else that surrounds the country town has changed. I remember the days when we as kids could go outside and roller skate in the street to see who was the fastest. I remember the times we could go to our neighbors back yard and pick plums, peaches, pecans, berries with not a word from them. I remember the times we'd go to my grandmas house, and pick from the garden on which vegatables we'd have for dinner. I remember the well behind my grandmas house that my dad would get water from so we'd have fresh water.  I remember the times when you got in trouble for doing something, and  the adult you were with spanked you and then when mom or dad found out, you got another spankin when you got home. Theres so much I remember, but those days are long gone. Yes, my home town has changed, and hasn't been quite the same.

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without love-one is eternally lost,,,,,glad youve found the best of places  to always hang your hat,,,,,,

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ty for visiting,,yes it seems that has happend here also..same old families cannot afford to move,so their stuck in the  in the rundown part of town that used to be affluent,

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Posted on: August 9, 2008 6:20 pm


That unfortunately happens, our towns either outgrow us, or they grow old and die.

I had two towns when I was growing up.  One, in my younger year, we use to ride our bikes without worries of traffic.  Go over the hill and play in the woods, fish and ice skate on the ponds.  There were buttercups growing in the farmers field that I use to sneak off to just lie in that field.  There was sled riding in the winter, campfires and roasting marshmallows at night in the summer.  Sleep outs.   Now that town has grown up, with more and more housing.  The farm house and field are gone, replaced by more single family residencies.

The other began dying out with the closing of the glass plants.  Though the families are still there, the downtown was bare and most of the shops were vacant. 

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