Posted on: August 9, 2008 10:35 am
Edited on: August 9, 2008 10:35 am


AS of today ,i still live in my hometown,thats not to say i havent strayed for many a years,i left her when i was 17yrs young,i just knew there would be bigger and better things out there for me.albeit i found those things they werent what they were cracked up to be,,oh i would come back on occassion to visit her and check the ageing process,and yes she was growing up just as i was,but off i would go,like a one night stand id leave her once again.time after time i would visit her to get my fix,an id be gone again.well after a passing in the family ,i came back once again only to find my hometown had grown up without me,no longer was i that kid that used to pile up leaves only to jump in them and rake once again,or burn and enjoy the longer could i ride my bicycle all over her streets without fear of being run over,no longer could i leave my doors unlocked and sleep with the fresh breeze through the window,nor could i hear the screen door slamming shut.and i also found out i couldnt just  stroll into anyones yard to drink from their garden hose when thrist got the best of i was catching lightning bugs with my son the other night right at dusk,i could see she had changed immensley ,as i have son asked me what i was thinking at the time, halfheartedly i just told him it was good to be home,he agreed .but ive still got my see my hometown has far outgrown me, in reality she was the one that left me behind....  
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